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Welcome to Marcel Grooming

Box 2729
New Liskeard, On P0J 1P0
Phone : 819-723-5452 · Fax : 819-723-2305 · Toll Free : 800-665-1057  
E-mail :mge1@tlb.sympatico.ca · Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00am to 4:30pm  

Feature: B.G.ROSSCO

The B.G.ROSSCO has passed its 9th year of grooming at the top of the class. First time users are ordering their second unit as they could not believe the difference that the B.G.ROSSCO made on their trails. Even the riders noticed that this drag handled the toughest areas of the trails as well as the easy ones.

The B.G.ROSSCO is stronger and is great for all snow conditions; fluffy, normal and very wet. B.G.ROSSCO cuts the moguls with its 8 multi-blades, rolls the snow and then packs it hard with the hydraulic controlled packer pan. This unit, while heavier, is no harder to pull than our Marcel Drag. Drags manufactured by MGE can be fitted with the appropriate hitches for all makes of Tractors & Tracked Power Units. All colours available.
Our conversion kits are recognized by the tractor manufactures as being no-stress. Therefore their 5 year warranty plans are available to the units fitted with the MGE kit. We offer our track system in 26, 29 and 31 widths as well as a full rubber track system which are 24’’ or 30’’ wide.
Worried about tire wear? Don’t be with the MGE kit! Our tires run on the rubber belting, not on metal cleats. We use road tires on our tandems which are matched to the tires on the groomer. The driver always has 2 spares with him should a flat occur. Our drags range from 6’ 6’’ to 12’ depending on the power unit used for pulling. These drags may be used in summer to smooth out humps and dips in your Trails system. By doing so, less snow is needed to open your trails in the fall, you will actually lengthen your season from 2 to 4 weeks longer.

Equipments for sale

1997 MF 390T 4 diesel cylinders turbo, 82 hp. P.T.O., 12 speed synchronize transmission, 2 positions front blade, 29" cleated tracks with 9ft 6in Drag.

Price: $29,995.00

Further Inquiry
Used MARCEL Drags, model MGE-9-6, 9 ft 6" multi-blade with adjustable packer pans, storage box 4. Comes in different colours .

Price: $6 995.00

Further Inquiry

Drag MARCEL used, model MGE-10, 10 multiblade trail groomer with adjustable packer pans, right or left hand tilt

Price: $8,995.00

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